White plastic windows

Plastic windows have recently experienced a big boom. We can see them in the family houses, the panellists and in the cottages in the countryside, where they are indizinguishable from the wooden ones. We understand that this is a big investment, so we offer only the highest quality profiles.
Plastic windows consist of plastic profiles, glass and fittings. Profiles have the greatest impact on the thermal insulation properties of the window. One of the highest quality profiles is Trocal 88 +. It is the profile of a German manufacturer, which you can buy with both steel reinforcement and without. Its other positive aspects are reliable noise protection, passive houses certification and good price-quality ratio.
Other quality profiles
We are proud to have our plastic windows produced only from the highest quality that is in the market. They are the profiles of Aluplast IDEAL, Rehau, Salamander and many others.