We would like to introduce you to our offer

The offer of our company Meublex, which has been in the furniture production market since 1999, is really wide. In your house we are able to produce virtually any furniture that you can remember.

Of course, the furniture we produce is always in the highest quality. Nobody wants to have furniture in the house, which will crumble in a few years, begin to squeer or otherwise serve. Furniture from us is of high quality and you can rely on it to last a lifetime.

Wide range
In our offer you will find furniture built-in but also solitary pieces. In addition, we offer floating floors, and of course, consultancy and the subsequent assembly of furniture pieces. You can also buy furniture fittings with us. If you do not have the funds to replace the entire kitchen unit or do not want to plunge into a large reconstruction, we have the possibility to change the kitchen door for you in the menu.