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Why You Should Consider Concierge Medical Services.

The average time a physician spends with a patient is between 13 to 16 minutes. In that duration they are expected to fully analyse their patients. It is impossible to create a physician patient relationship during that short period. Patients should start considering concierge medical services. This option gives you unlimited access to your doctor, although you will be required to pay a fee to access this option. The number of patients going for this option is on the rise. In this article, we will discuss some of those benefits.

Did you know concierge medical services give you long appointment hours? This will give your doctor more time to know the cause of your health issue. They will look at your symptoms and medical history and be able to come up with better analysis. Concierge medicine improves your overall health.

Also, concierge doctors have less patients. You will have a better bond with your doctor, since you spend more time with them.

This option gives you more availability with your doctor. With traditional doctors, you may find yourself spending so much time before seeing them. You can ask them any question you have whenever. Also, they offer the same day or next day appointment. The doctor is not in a rush to see other patients.

Another major benefit is preventive care. Your doctor can offer preventive care plans, after analysis your symptoms and medical history. They will take time to understand your underlying problem and find a solution to it. Concierge medicine in the long run ensures you spend less time making hospital visits. Some of the ways you can reach your concierge doctor is through a call, email or text. Reaching your doctor is much easier with this option.

Apart from preventive care, you also receive overall care. The doctor looks for ways to ensure your future health will be better. Your overall health will improve with this option, hence you don’t have to spend much time going to the clinic for treatment in future or spending much on health care.

In a situation where you need a specialist, they will recommend one. People with chronic diseases are advised to consider concierge medical services.

If you are looking for cost effectiveness, you should consider concierge medical services. Most traditional doctors usually order several tests and procedures to be able to make a diagnosis, this is not the case with concierge doctors. If you want to save money in the long run, you should consider it.

In conclusion, you can improve your overall health without feeling rushed by using concierge medical services.

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