We would like to introduce you to our offer

The offer of our company Meublex, which has been in the furniture production market since 1999, is really wide. In your house we are able to produce virtually any furniture that you can remember.

Of course, the furniture we produce is always in the highest quality. Nobody wants to have furniture in the house, which will crumble in a few years, begin to squeer or otherwise serve. Furniture from us is of high quality and you can rely on it to last a lifetime.

Wide range
In our offer you will find furniture built-in but also solitary pieces. In addition, we offer floating floors, and of course, consultancy and the subsequent assembly of furniture pieces. You can also buy furniture fittings with us. If you do not have the funds to replace the entire kitchen unit or do not want to plunge into a large reconstruction, we have the possibility to change the kitchen door for you in the menu.

Our manufacturers will enchant you

Enchent with the value of our branded manufacturers (Benetton, Bugatti, Greno, Kaeppel, Ibena, Valeron, Virginia Secret, Svoboda Lin, Oliver, TAC), who want only the best for you. And what do our manufacturers offer you? Bed linen, which is typical of its originality, lightness and uncompetitive quality. Immerse yourself in the mysterious and enchanting world of textiles and get to know its positives, tunability and a lovely feeling.
The new design will bring you the sun in your soul
Discover a truly fascinating design that your girlfriends just and just appreciate. The new line of this sleeping collection dazzes your senses and encourages your mind. Thanks to them, every day will be exceptional and unique to you. You will find calm, relaxation and sun in the soul. You will feel unawfully and dreamily.

The lighting you need

Light Up your interior
Do you want to do something interesting for your budget without having to go to work extra? Just order the LED bulbs and on our website you calculate the savings you have made by ordering. It's really interesting, it's worth downloading. Take advantage of our offer.
Bringing light to your homes
Christmas was already, but why don't you remind them again? We offer you for the next alternative-led bulbs even for the tree. They really are beautiful, who wants, can have them indizely from the classic ones. But if you want, they might look different than the ones we're all accustomed to.
Beautiful Christmas Tree
This Christmas will be even better than the last one. Try the LED bulbs on the tree-you will repay beautiful lights and effects.

Ball season

Every woman always complains that she has nothing to do with herself. As soon as the ball season is approaching. This is suddenly a big rush for pumps of various colours and designs as well as for the social dresses that must be different for each event.
The perfect combination
Like men, they love fast cars and technical things, so women love fashion and enjoy what they take on. It is important for them to have a full wardrobe and can still try new variants of clothing with different accessories. During the ball season, the pumps are suitable for all kinds of clothing, along with necklaces and handbags. Because getting a beautiful social dress is not just that. It wants good taste and knowledge of the best shops with modern clothing.

With us you can

A boxed diet will help you lose weight

You already have the right slimming mix-will, dedication, goal, motivation. But something is missing-for sure, time! It is not easy to prepare 5 meals daily. Then there is a moment when you will not prosecute and reach for the first meal, which will be at hand. And it's after losing weight. The Prague box diet will not allow it.
Thanks to us you will be slimming

The boxed diet of Prague will prepare meals for you. And you will be left with plenty of free time, which you will be able to devote to activities other than standing at the stove and then at the sink. So how about going to the ZOO with your family? You don't have to worry about coming home hungry and reaching for the pate-dog. You just take out a box of refrigerators with food already prepared.

Experience and Results

The Krabičková Diet Prague offers you many years of experience, menus compiled by specialists and mainly positive feedback of customers.

Tasty, varied and nutritious diet

Eat by experts
Is your dream to lose weight? How about a 4-6-kilos per month without work? Dreams are from being fulfilled. And we will help you with our boxed diet Prague.
Enjoy healthy and varied meals
This is not a drastic diet, but a healthy and high-quality diet. We will prepare all five meals, put them in boxes and bring them to your home. You'll just enjoy and lose weight without work. All this and much more is the boxed diet of Prague.
Losing weight without work
With us you are assured that only the best of your body is desired. When cooking, we use quality ingredients and prepare meals so that the maximum of vitamins remains. He speaks for us the results and many years of experience. The carton diet can therefore be without fear your means of permanent weight loss.

Mácha Lake

Mácha Lake offers you the possibility of a nice holiday, and a rich possibility of accommodation and activities. All ages, couples, families, groups of people or school trips will enjoy holidays, excursions and holidays.
Mácha Lake has several large beaches with many possibilities of activities. In Staré Splavy There is a great beach where you will surely like it. There is a swimming pool, a aqvapark for children and adults, various water trampolines, water climbing walls imitating glaciers, slides or carousel.
Old Splavy Beach
Mácha Lake boasts a large beach in Staré Splavy, where you can play volleyball, football, basketball, badminton, pétanque, table tennis, garden chess, outdoor billiards. There are slides, climbing frames, trampolines for children.

Betrayal in the pipeline

Probably a bad waste shaft or sewer connection, and to reach the phone number of a good company is a real thing. A sudden catastrophe might not come so quickly if you try to prevent it as soon as possible. Calling fast emergency service in your city or in the vicinity is the right solution to be offered. And with its help to quickly remove the unfriendly state. Don't forget the review, and you'll be done. Perhaps to your full satisfaction!
For your house building
Revisions and audit reports from all possible experts and inspectors are required for completion. Otherwise you cannot live, but without approval it is not possible. The first thing to do is to invite those who will say the eagle over whether the water and sewer connection is properly processed.

With specialists it is always good to cooperate

By contacting specialists, you will always be given the best possible help. If you want to find a professional partner who specializes in quality interior furnishing, you should contact our company. We are Vogltanz and you have the guarantee that with our Pilsen flooring you always get what you want and need. We strive to help you as much as possible and customer satisfaction is very important to us. That's why we're a great solution for you.
It is our concern that you do not have to worry about anything
Our company is about not having to worry about anything. We always find what you want and need in high quality. This is why our company has many satisfied customers and a great reputation.

White plastic windows

Plastic windows have recently experienced a big boom. We can see them in the family houses, the panellists and in the cottages in the countryside, where they are indizinguishable from the wooden ones. We understand that this is a big investment, so we offer only the highest quality profiles.
Plastic windows consist of plastic profiles, glass and fittings. Profiles have the greatest impact on the thermal insulation properties of the window. One of the highest quality profiles is Trocal 88 +. It is the profile of a German manufacturer, which you can buy with both steel reinforcement and without. Its other positive aspects are reliable noise protection, passive houses certification and good price-quality ratio.
Other quality profiles
We are proud to have our plastic windows produced only from the highest quality that is in the market. They are the profiles of Aluplast IDEAL, Rehau, Salamander and many others.