Excellent refreshment

Do you own an ice cream booth? Your products don't go to market? Do you need anything that is tried and guaranteed to be disposed of in a forthcoming spring? The answer is: Adria Gold, a draft ice cream. For over 20 years we provide our customers with quality products from the highest quality raw materials obtained directly in the Czech Republic.
Allow the mlsalts of all ages in your area to fly into your restaurant or pastry shop like honey flies. And no product will help you realize this dream as a draft ice cream Adria Gold. Whether in cream or fruity-sorbet form, everyone will instantly fall in love with this delicacy.
New Horizons in Business
Increase your profits and the size of your clientele very quickly and easily. Expand your assortment with our creamy, spunting treats, which the draught ice cream undoubtedly is and you will not regret. We offer a truly easy widening of your horizons in business.