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Things You Should Know About Then Deep Cycle Batteries

A deep cycle battery is a unit that produces power after a chemical reaction. This kind of battery cycle recharge and discharge. Lithium-ion, AGM, Gel, and flooded batteries are the common types of the deep cycle batteries. In many applications, the flooded battery is used. An AGM battery uses an acid that is separated by the separator. Gel batteries, on the other hand, use a content that looks like a gel.

There is a significant difference between a starting and the deep cycle batteries. Starting motors are used to start an engine; they produce large current quickly. On the other hand, deep cycle batteries have a smaller surface which makes them to unable to produce power instantly. They are designed to provide about 20% of their capacity for an extended time.

To ensure that you have more power supply and for a longer time, you may connect more two or more batteries. You can either opt for the series or parallel connection configuration. For instance, if you require a power supply of 6V, you can consider connecting two 3V batteries in series. Alternatively, you can connect two 12V in parallel, and you will have a longer supply.

While you are connecting batteries; you should take extra care. You should not consider batteries that are not the same. They ought to be of the same capacity, model, age, and capacity. The batteries should, also, be connected in one place with an identical wiring system. However, if you have a battery combiner, you can have completely different batteries.

If you want your flooded deep cycle battery to have a longer lifespan, it is vital to make sure that you have checked it regularly. Since they use sulphuric acid, it is vital to be careful when you are handling them. The flooded batteries can be tested using three main methods. First you can use a hydrometer to measure the weight of the electrolyte. Second you can measure the voltage using a voltage meter. Finally you can use a load tester which can be found on your next auto service center.

It is vital to note that the capacity of the battery is dependent on the temperature. That is the reason why many batteries tend to die in winter. The capacity of a battery can go down by 20% when the temperature is extremely low. The charging voltage changes with temperature and that is why you should have a charge control.

The lifespan of the battery is dependent on how you handle it. The deep cycle batteries are designed to be reliable and supply power for a long time. How well you monitor the health of the battery determine its lifespan. Using tap water for flooded batteries, excessive vibration, high and low temperature, undercharging, and overcharging are things that you should avoid.

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