Excellent refreshment

Do you own an ice cream booth? Your products don't go to market? Do you need anything that is tried and guaranteed to be disposed of in a forthcoming spring? The answer is: Adria Gold, a draft ice cream. For over 20 years we provide our customers with quality products from the highest quality raw materials obtained directly in the Czech Republic.
Allow the mlsalts of all ages in your area to fly into your restaurant or pastry shop like honey flies. And no product will help you realize this dream as a draft ice cream Adria Gold. Whether in cream or fruity-sorbet form, everyone will instantly fall in love with this delicacy.
New Horizons in Business
Increase your profits and the size of your clientele very quickly and easily. Expand your assortment with our creamy, spunting treats, which the draught ice cream undoubtedly is and you will not regret. We offer a truly easy widening of your horizons in business.

Quality accommodation is Croatia apartments

We have a price bomb for you. Holidays for you and your two children, in the package with half board, transport, travel insurance and paid tourist tax. That you were looking for something like that? Choose quality Croatia Apartments.
You're going to take the bus for twelve hours, but when the road is at night, you just sleep and you are there. The sea, the surf of the waves, the boys can go fishing, Dad can dive and my mother deserves a deservedly relaxed without having her hands in the sink all the rest. Choose quality Croatia Apartments.

All for one price
Family prices, events first minute or last minute, a small child completely free, it and much more you have the opportunity to get in an interesting offer. So, where will it be, family? Crete? France? Sicily? -Well, let's only take quality Croatia apartments.

No money

That's a shame. And there's no time to investigate. So the time of the decision came, not just the same. Pretty important decisions. It will be necessary to bow to one of the scales, give up your dream interior doors or buy similar, such smaller replicas, which are mainly a lot cheaper. Now, Babo, but when mom is on maternity, it probably won't work.
Glazed and articulated
Amazing interior doors can be found on the pages of big business giants that supply us with stavivo, accessories, furniture, sanitation,… You can have partly glazed or full, glazed completely or two-thirds, or otherwise. Also look at the colour and material as it will give you a clue about maintenance. Don't you just want to polish and wash it? Practical, medium dark, in the mat and especially from your living space.


Are you looking for a modern, efficient and simple storage solution in your company or just a workshop? Do you want something high quality and modern? The racks from our company are exactly what you are looking for. All our products are subject to rigorous testing, so we can only give our customers the best we can.
Thanks to the fact that all our racks can be used for many things, they are very multifunctional. You can store tools, materials, finished products or files for example. Our products are really useful anywhere. In addition, our specialists will be pleased to advise you on the most suitable system for you.
Long warranty
Because we believe in our products, we can give you a long seven-year guarantee on our racks. You can really rely on us.

Finally you get a decent offer

How often do you look at more advantageous offers? Do you want your wallet to be filled with comfort, and not just to look sadly, how it emptens? We understand this and therefore our offer is really advantageous for you. It allows you to save not only thousands, but equal tens of thousand on unnecessary fees and too high interest. A comparison of mortgages from us will just allow you, so do not hesitate!
The best services on the market
When you want to enjoy the possibilities of an open market, first of all you need to know how to find all the offers nicely together in one place. This will enable us, or our sophisticated website, that literally overflows information about individual financial products of individual banks. You just choose the most advantageous product for you.

Who will cook today?

Who will buy and cook in your home today? Using the help of a spouse is not occasionally from the matter, it will help you save time and effort and learn something useful, among other things. Is he afraid he can't handle it? But no, everything is a matter of practice and experience. Just take a couple of times with him for shopping and let him, at will, also help you in the kitchen. And teach him to watch Tesco flyer!
Special edition
In special editions, the Tesco Flyer advises and suggests what might be useful to your festive and everyday table. Prices of some products, raw materials, goods are indeed tempting in the action period, what leaflets pay. It's no longer fit in the trolley, so you should take a break with shopping for a while. Then spend a moment of bohulimore interests than spending money.

If you are looking for quality windows, you can find them

Do you want to replace your old windows with new? Do you expect that your new windows will save you the high thermal insulation of your heating money and make your investment come back? In addition to being well kept warm, you want even high acoustic insulation, simple maintenance and a huge selection of different colors and designs that your new windows will align with the rest of your house? Exactly these criteria meet the plastic windows.
Plastic windows from the company Windowpro meet all quality standards and even more. We can confirm that our windows are produced in the Czech and Slovak republics and their profiles originate in Germany, not from Poland or Bulgaria.
Various building depths
We offer plastic windows in various building depths, from 70 to 120 millimeters.

Sell Ice cream and you

We have twenty years of experience with ice cream production. During that time we know how to prepare the most delicious, refreshing and finest ice cream under the sun. In our offer you will find more than sixty types of ice creams from fruit sorbets to creamy or cretices. We care about your satisfaction and provide you with the opportunity to offer your customers an ice cream that everyone likes.
Adria Gold also offers its own production products, including desserts, cakes or dessert slices, out of delicious ice creams. All this in a variety of variations, appearance, tastes. Offer your customers quality at a good price. Ordering is simple, just fill out the form and send it by email to our sales department.

Not only ice cream
For novice entrepreneurs We have a complete offer of not only ice cream, but also freezing boxes, slaughter tongs, toppings, fruit, cones of various sizes and many other necessary and diversify things. Just visit our website.

Mácha Lake

Are you planning this year's domestic holiday and looking for the most suitable place to suit both you and your children? Then you should visit Mácha Lake.

To make the most of Mácha's lake and its surroundings, we offer you accommodation in a pine forest, in pleasant huts and in a quiet environment that is ideal for pumping new forces and for well-deserved relaxation. Therefore, order your cottage on time and do it comfortably through our website.

Enjoy the Macha lake with all sorts of

If you want to enjoy the holiday as it should be, then you will surely like to use all of our services, that is the possibility of catering by half board. So you can completely throw away your worries and enjoy Mácha's lake with all this.

Thermal insulation guarantees plastic windows

Almost every household now acquires high-quality plastic windows that maintain a stable temperature in the house and does not leak unpleasant noise from the street. Moreover, the plastic windows look nice and easy to maintain. Our company ensures quality window replacement and guarantees their long-lasting durability and durability.

The plastic windows are the ideal solution for all buildings, flats, offices and the Winter Garden of your house. We produce doors and windows, not only plastic, but also aluminum. Explore in detail the offer of our goods and services. We are willing to advise and answer all questions.

Longest on the market

Our company is one of those working in our market for the longest time. For such a long time, the company has been able to gradually improve itself and gain a wealth of experience, which today serves primarily to the satisfaction of the customer. Order a plastic window with us.